Friday, March 8, 2013


I was eating a Panda Express recently, (terribly unhealthy, and impossible to bolus for... I know), when my fortune caught my attention.
I know it's a silly, mass produced piece of paper, but the winds of change are definitely a blowin'. Maybe it really was meant for me. Ha!

I mentioned a few posts back that my husband works in the healthcare industry, and that medicare/healthcare reform was doing in his company... Well, it is all but finished. Our beautiful little town will not be the same without it's largest employer. Sad.

I am grateful beyond words that he has found a new employer and great job. I only wish it could've been a little closer. We are about to tackle a 500 mile relocation to Eastern, New Mexico. I actually spent much of my childhood in NW New Mexico, so the location doesn't bother me, too much...
 (This is a gross misrepresentation of our new city, but it's funny right? These are actual pics from googling both cities. There will be culture shock involved!)

My real concerns are about Emma and her healthcare, which is primarily in Houston, TX. We are about to rack up some serious frequent flyer miles! Ouch. We may eventually move her specialist care back to Denver, but until the genetic research is done there is no way we will leave TCH, and besides, we will have to fly out either way. We will figure it out.

There are actually some wonderful perks about the new location. We will be closer to some of the kids grandparents and much closer to the mountains! I see many, many mountain adventures in our future. My happy place! My son is also thrilled to be close to Texas Tech, where he dreams of playing football in college. My father-in-law bought him season tickets to the games this fall to help make the move a little sweeter. He rocks.

Our move will mean packing up my little sewing studio for a while. Once we are settled in our new home and the kids have transitioned into their new schools I'm sure I will want to sew again. I just may not want to sew as much as I have been! I LOVE making pump pouches for all my sweeties, it is SO rewarding. I have never had a job that was so important to people. The emails I get bring me to tears every single week. I share a bond with my customers because I KNOW what they are dealing with, I really get it. I know that anything that helps "make it better" matters, a lot. Diabetes can be so hard. Starting your two year-old on an insulin pump is not OK! Transitioning into middle school with a medical device on your waist is not always "cool!" It's not something our kids should have to deal with. I have been truly blessed to make even the tiniest impact on how they feel about wearing a pump or sensor. It matters to me, a lot.

I am happy to report that I have simmered down from my previous post and Emma is doing well. She is no longer spilling protein, which is a HUGE, massive unexplainable relief!! We are doing some new things to help strengthen her bones and hoping for a good report when she has a bone scan this summer. Like everything in her life it's complicated. We have to be careful about giving calcium because of her kidneys, we have to limit dairy because of her allergies, we have to coat in her in sunblock because of her Lupus-like sun issues, we haven't been able to stop her inhaled steroids which may be complicating things... Oh my. She's a mess! An adorable, amazing, sweet and sassy little mess. She has a tough road ahead, no doubt, but she is going to be OK. I'm going to make sure of that. I'm looking forward to spending a lot more time with my amazing kids in the coming months.

On to the next phase....

My best,


My Siamese Cats said...

Hey Amy,

I've just come across your blog. I live in England and I'm a type 1. I just want to say what an amazingly, beautiful and brave girl your daughter is.

Sending love and best wishes for your both from England.


Kelly said...

Well, I believe in your Too Sweet fortune cookie! I'm glad to hear you are feeling better these days when it comes to Ms Em and her health concerns. Sounds like you have quite the changes ahead, yet again.....I'm sure it's for the best, as always!

Scott K. Johnson said...

Sending you guys all sorts of positive vibes - hoping that the changes go smoothly and everyone settles back in to the groove.

Anonymous said...

Great attitude. Always hard to move but you do get the possibility of meeting some new great friends and being closer to family is huge. The break from sewing for you may be a blessing in disguise as after the dust from the move settles you can think about you for a bit. Good luck. I have followed you off and on for several years. I am an adult T1 and got to "know You" from your days on CWD. You are very creative with your sewing. Ali PS I check the CWD site to make sure I know the latest, as you are a witness too, parents are amazing at finding the latest, I was a teen when diagnosed and had minimal support for many years.